Genoa Technology Stack

Genoa is a framework actively developed and maintained by Ltd, providing common patterns and infrastructure for Ltd's developers and customers.

It frees developers to focus on the functional and user requirements, and not waste time solving the common engineering problems faced in modern day applications. Code is easy to write, maintain, trace and debug because of this patterned and well defined framework.

Genoa comes in three components: a JavaScript library, a Genoa Server and an API for distributed Services. Genoa is cross platform solution supporting services written in many languages. The primary messaging protocol is based on Websockets and serves as a great solution for real-time messaging in web browsers. It also natively supports ZeroMQ for service messaging and is easily extended to support other messaging platforms.

  • Transactional with replication support
  • Single threaded, easy to write and maintain
  • Synchronous
  • Scaled by topology

Why Tornado

  • Light resource footprint
  • Scales - epoll (high HTTP concurrency)
  • No legacy baggage
  • Native Web Socket support

Why SQLAlchemy

  • Object Relational Mapper
    • Genoa Auditing
    • Genoa Versioning
  • Table Mapper
  • Raw SQL for performance

Why Bootstrap

  • Adaptive design
  • CSS driven: simple and clean
  • Phone, tablet and desktop
  • Pretty isn't it

Why Knockout

  • MVVM pattern
  • Very little $JQuery in Javascript
  • No $JQuery in HTML